“But the Twitter of today can also be crushing, pessimistic, cruel and exhausting — even though the vast majority of what I come in contact with is as enlightening, refreshing and inspiring as ever. It’s like eating a cookie with poop-covered chocolate chips. Most of the cookie is fine, but what you’ll remember is eating shit.”

Just got my signed copy of @sagefrancissfr’s #coppergone. Liking the 2 colored vinyl a lot. #strangefamous #pluscat #vinyl (at Nob Hill)

…and people still park their bikes here. (at Tenderloin, San Francisco)

Two new The D.O.T videos

Well, at least new to me.

Sacramento really wasn’t as ugly as I thought it would be :) (at California State Capitol)

Seitdem nur so 5 Heimspiele dazugekommen. #Werder #Umzug

Photo booth. Last night. (at Ace Hotel & Swim Club)

Canyon // scouted by @klaratava (at Palm Springs USA)

Flamingo (at Ace Hotel & Swim Club)

Blue. (at Palm Springs USA)