Got new Jordan 1s (at Undefeated)

I’m sorry if you’re in that kind of a relationship. #WWEvalentines (at Walgreens)

The other night. (at Mission Bowling Club)

Found this last night in the O.C. (at Seal Beach Old Town)

Blueberry donut FTW. Finally a donut I like. #tradeshowlive (at Miselu booth @ NAMM 2014)


Johan Micoud en el Bayern Munich-Werder Bremen 2003/04.

Die guten alten Zeiten. 

"See manger"? (at Nob Hill)

Opinion: on (virtual) Stickers

Sticker IAPs are to smartphones what ringtones were to feature phones in the 90s.



Really? It is the 21st century, mobile is booming, and we have “evolved” into … sharing stickers?

I want to raise the notion, that in millions of years of evolution, we have reached the stage where we call exemplary apps ones that allow their millions of users to send ‘stickers’ to each other.

For those, who have witnessed the mobile app industry grow, even before even app stores,

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Michael Galinsky’s (@mgalinsk) Malls Across America was definitely my favorite book 2013.

Too bad no karaoke place has #Converge songs. (at YamaSho)